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Hope Was Here Perseverance

By Joan Bauer

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With all her moves, all her losses, and all her challenges, you'd think it would be easy for Hope to just give up and let the universe win. But Hope learns from Addie that you never let life make you stop hoping for the better. When she lands in Mulhoney, she meets a bunch of folks who seem just as determined not to let cancer, poverty, or political corruption make them stop fighting. It's downright exhausting to read about it, let alone live it.

Perseverance—the ability to stick with it no matter how tough it gets—is what this novel is all about.

Questions About Perseverance

  1. How realistic is G.T.'s ability to physically and mentally handle the rigors of a heated political campaign while fighting terminal cancer?
  2. So many of the characters in Hope Was Here seem to have inherited the gene for perseverance. What makes some people more resilient than others?
  3. Is resilience something a person can learn? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Lou Ellen may be Anastasia's mother, but it's Hope's ability to persevere with the little girl that helps the baby finally reach her developmental milestones.

Hope, Addie, and Braverman have developed staying power as a result of facing adversity in life.

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