Study Guide

Yuri in Hope Was Here

By Joan Bauer

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Yuri, the Russian busboy at the Welcome Stairways, truly seems out of place in a Midwestern, small-town diner. He doesn't have full command of the English language and tends to clear the tables before the customers have finished eating. Yuri's real job here is to help us establish just who's "naughty and nice" in Mulhoney.

Hope makes the "nice" list when she hears Millstone's groupies making fun of Yuri right to his face; she takes an instant dislike to Millstone, whoever he may be. Millstone, on the other hand, moves to the top of the "naughty" list at that very moment, as do his minions. It's clear from that point on who is going to find presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

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