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Uncle Jebediah Stryder in The Host

Uncle Jebediah Stryder

Uncle Jeb is the benevolent dictator of a strange hippie commune. At least, he would be if the human civilization hadn't been eradicated by aliens. Before the alien invasion, he was just a crazy conspiracy theorist. Now he's considered a savior.

Santa Meets Stalin

The cave community operates under the illusion of democracy. Jeb looks "like Santa Claus" (12.74), but acts like a dictator. He holds tribunals for everyone to vote on what to do sometimes, but keeps the power to veto anything: "I'll make my own decision if I have a problem with the majority" (35.95). And the other cave dwellers actually think this is funny, even though it's basically taking away all of their rights.

We do give him credit for being the first (and for a while, only) person sympathetic toward Wanda. If it weren't for him, the human survivors would have killed her instantly. Wanda's case is helped by the fact that she's trapped in his niece's body. Jeb has a soft spot for Melanie. Do you think Jeb would have saved her if she was in Jamie's body? Or Jared's? Or anyone else? Ugh, we don't like where this train of thought is going.