Study Guide

The Farm Patrol (Hugh, Ralf, and Wee Wallie) in The House of the Scorpion

By Nancy Farmer

The Farm Patrol (Hugh, Ralf, and Wee Wallie)

These guys are all members of the dangerous Farm Patrol. They are all criminals from the United Kingdom, like Tam Lin and Daft Donald, and they are all fearful of El Patrón. They arrive in the story just in the nick of time to save Matt, when he passes out near the toxic wasteland that's home to the eejits. Unfortunately, they also serve a rather depressing purpose in the story, which is to reveal to Matt that his trusted friend Tam Lin is a terrorist. But let's be fair: Tam Lin may have had a bad past, but his behavior in the present is a darn sight better than that of these hooligans.

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