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How the García Girls Lost Their Accents Tough-o-Meter

By Julia Alvarez

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(6) Tree Line

How The García Girls Lost Their Accents is a page-turner. Trust us, you won't have trouble making it through the novel, because it's basically a collection of really addictive little stories.

So what makes it so challenging? Well, first of all, the stories are told in reverse order. So sometimes the novel can feel like a giant puzzle. To make sense of the family's history, you have to pay careful attention and try to fit all the pieces together in your head.

Second of all, Julia Alvarez is a really gifted writer who jam-packs her novel full of subtleties and references to history, literature and theoretical concepts. Reading it can be frustrating for those of us who like to understand every single detail of a novel, because it's so complex. But then again, that's what makes it so exciting. And you can always check out our "Shout Outs" section for a guide to most of the historical and literary references in the novel.

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