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I Am the Cheese Chapter 25

By Robert Cormier

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Chapter 25

  • The chapter begins with Brint urging Adam to provide him with some details, specifically about his father's testimony and the situation surrounding it. But Adam talks more generally about the information he got from his dad. Sorry, Brint, better luck next time.
  • Adam's father told him about Mr. Grey's involvement in their lives. Strangely, Adam's father often felt like he and Mr. Grey were enemies, playing some kind of game with each other. It seemed like Mr. Grey wanted information from Adam's father.
  • Brint interrupts the story again to ask for more details about the specific information his father might have known. This makes Adam feel like he and Brint have a similar relationship as Mr. Grey and Adam's father did.
  • Adam is starting to become more and more suspicious that Brint isn't really a doctor. What if he's one of the men who had been trying to hurt his father?
  • We learn more details about the Farmer family: Adam's dad quit smoking after the relocation (whatever it takes, right?). They had never lived in Rawlings, Pennsylvania. Martha was Louise's sister and a cloistered nun. Everything about their lives was made up.
  • At this point it occurs to Adam that Brint never asks about his mother, only his father. Brint suggests that he talk about his mother then, but Adam has a hard time remembering.
  • The session ends.

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