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I Am the Messenger Part 2 / Chapter A

By Markus Zusak

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Part 2 / Chapter A


  • Welcome to Part 2, a.k.a. 'The Stones of Home"—a section which Zusak has deemed merits capitalization.
  • Ed thinks about the man's body hitting the ground and the gun. He's back at his place now with the Doorman, thinking through what happened.
  • Ring, ring. It's the phone again, and Ed worries it's the people sending him on these message trips—but it's just Marv calling to give him a hard time about the Annual Sledge Game.
  • Ed tries to forget what happened with the man, but fails; then he tries to sleep.
  • When he goes over to Marv's, he tells his best bud he's in for the game. Marv is excited.
  • Ed has the next day off, so he goes walking. He sees Sophie and she tells him she misses him, and he checks in with her to make sure she's still running barefoot. Yep.
  • Then he talks to his dog, and surprisingly, his old buddy doesn't talk back (because he's, well, a dog).
  • Ed feeds the Doorman an ice cream as he waits for the next ace. He's sore because of what happened at the Cathedral with the man the other night.
  • He lets us in on his dirty little secret: it was attempted murder. Hmmm… that makes us wonder what happened, but he doesn't tell us.

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