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It Chapter 20: The Circle Closes

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Chapter 20: The Circle Closes

1.  Tom

  • Tom Rogan is having a nightmare: that he's killing his dad.
  • It's weird, because Tom's dad killed himself when Tom was a little kid.
  • But now, Tom dreams that he's stabbing his dad with a pearl-handled switchblade.
  • Uh-oh…
  • Tom fades into another dream, where he's watching Beverly hanging out with some kids in a dark, dank, smelly place.
  • He feels the presence of a "special friend" who has some balloons that showed him the way.
  • Tom knows, somehow, that these kids have to pay. And he knows as well that Beverly has been sleeping with Bill Denbrough.
  • In this dream, his body feels young.
  • He's Henry.
  • When he wakes up, he thinks about how crazy the dream was…but then he realizes, somehow, that it wasn't just a nightmare.
  • He decides to go back to sleep and figure things out in the morning, but a voice tells him that morning will be too late. He needs to go into the sewers. Now.
  • To underline this, he sees a balloon tied to the bathroom door. It's painted with an arrow pointing to the hall, and glows from within.
  • A voice, coming from the balloon, describes how Beverly needs a "whuppin." It explains the plan and then explodes in a burst of light. Tom gets dressed.

2.  Audra

  • Audra is also having nightmares.
  • In her dream, she's with Bill, and she's being chased. Her name in the dream is "Beverly."
  • They're running through dark tunnels.
  • She's terrified.
  • She wakes up sweating, remembering where she is.
  • To make matters worse, she hears It giggling in the drain.
  • She shakes it off, telling herself that she's crazy.
  • But because she's so rattled, she decides to call Bill immediately.
  • She can't get through, and she starts crying.
  • It calls from the bathroom drain, and then appears on the flickering TV. It has teeth like razor blades…and has the severed head of the TV producer.
  • Thoroughly spooked, she runs out to her car, which turns out to be kind of a frying pan/fire situation.
  • Because she runs right into Tom Rogan.

3.  Eddie's Room

  • Beverly and Bill get dressed and head over to Eddie's room.
  • Henry's body is lying on the ground, and Eddie is looking haggard and concerned. His arm is broken.
  • They decide not to call a doctor or emergency services, because that would involve the whole town...and they have things to take care of.
  • The knife, it turns out, was underneath the TV, but then ended up disappearing.
  • Beverly puts Eddie's arm in a splint, and then calls Richie and Ben.
  • Then she calls the library, but recoils when the police chief answers.
  • They learn that Mike has been stabbed, and Beverly tries to find out more info, but the police chief wants to know what she's doing calling the library in the middle of the night. He figures she knows something about the situation and demands to take her information.
  • She declines, and looks over at Henry's body.
  • It looks for a second like he's winking at her.


  • Richie calls the hospital, pretending to be a reporter.
  • The news on Mike isn’t great: he's in critical condition.
  • The rest of them are feeling worried. They're two friends down, and Eddie's arm is in a splint. How are they going to fight It now?


  • They take Eddie's limo and start driving.
  • It is playing games with the radio: they hear first the clown announcing "Richie Tozier's All-Dead Show" and then the voice of George Denbrough, yelling at Bill that he was abandoned.
  • Finally, they turn the radio off. Thunder and lightning fill the sky.

6.  In the Barrens

  • They park, heading across the Barrens to the pumping station, making a nostalgia pit stop at the old clubhouse. It's abandoned, and the door that covered it is old and disused.
  • So they continue onward until they find the pump.
  • The manhole cover has been taken off—and it's clear that it happened recently.
  • Then they see something trapped under the manhole cover.
  • It's a purse strap.
  • But not any's one that Bill bought Audra in Burbank. Bill screams.
  • Bill rummages through the purse and finds Audra's things. He finds her drivers' license, which pretty much seals the deal. Audra is down there.
  • That means one thing: they all have to go down the manhole.
  • Just like they did before.

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