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It Epilogue: Bill Denbrough Beats The Devil (II)

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Epilogue: Bill Denbrough Beats The Devil (II)


  • Bill's looking at his body in the mirror and realizes he looks kind of old.
  • To make matters worse, he can't remember what has happened: why Audra is catatonic, what he's doing in Derry, etc.
  • For some reason, he gets dressed in kid's clothes.
  • It's weird, but he's ready to rock n' roll…by doing something.


  • Later, he'll have dreams of leaving Derry at sunset.


  • He rolls his old bike, Silver, out of the garage. It still looks good.


  • Bill half dreams, half waxes nostalgic, about Derry and his childhood.


  • Bill leads Audra out of bed, and sits her down on the back of Silver.
  • He gets on the seat, and her hands creep around his midsection—the first independent movement since It got to her.
  • He tells her they're going on a ride.
  • Bill is committed to letting his inner child take over fully.
  • He's worried about them falling off, but he decides to race Silver as fast as he can.


  • Bill has a trance-like interlude, where he meditates on childhood, darkness, and desire.


  • Bill narrowly averts a massive accident on the bike, and this jogs Audra. She's awake now.
  • She can't remember a thing since getting off the plane in Bangor, and Bill says that's okay.
  • They love each other, and that's enough.


  • Bill wakes up from confused dreams about his childhood.
  • He touches his wife's back, happy.
  • He'll write about his childhood adventures one day. That's all he knows.

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