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It Courage

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What's the only way to battle a terrifying fear-monster? With courage, obvs.

At its heart, It is about a bunch of kids who learn to tap into their own courage. They face their fears, learn how to stand their ground, and grow up bigger, better, and stronger. Aww.

Of course, It is also about clowns that live in sewers, crazy murder-birds, psychopathic town bullies, and drains that spout blood. It's sort of a classic high-low combo.

Questions About Courage

  1. How do the Losers harness the power of courage together? 
  2. How do the individual Losers tap into their own personal courage?
  3. What is the relationship drawn between courage and memory in It?

Chew on This

Stan Uris' suicide is a failure of courage: he's too scared to face It again.

Without memory of past trauma, it's impossible to be truly courageous.

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