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It Good vs Evil

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Good vs Evil

If you wanted to distill It way down—and we mean way, way down—you might get a description kind of like this: evil crash lands on earth, wrecks havoc every three decades or so, finally gets trounced by seven kiddos.

Yeah, it's reductive. But the point is that It is a story of good vs. evil. Or, rather, a story about how evil can be fought and vanquished not only by the super-charged angels out there, but by normal, grubby-kneed little kids.

Er—make that extra brave, grubby-kneed little kids armed with silver bullets. But they aren't exactly saintly.

Questions About Good vs Evil

  1. Does It embody pure evil? 
  2. Which of the Losers can best be read as an encapsulation of "goodness"? 
  3. Okay, who's more evil: It, or one of the horrible humans in the book? Like, say, Beverly's father?

Chew on This

It suggests that only innocence can triumph against evil.

It suggests that because innocence cannot understand evil, it cannot destroy it.

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