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Johnny Tremain Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

"Disperse, Ye Rebels!"

  • Unlike the other chapters, this one is clearly organized by date. Each day from April 14 to April 19, 1775 is identified.
  • For the first two days, April 14 and 15, all of Boston wonders if something's up. There are signs something might be about to go down, but those signs could also be the British trying to fool people.
  • On the night of April 15, Johnny finds Paul Revere at Doctor Warren's house and falls asleep listening to the two men talk.
  • He dreams that John Hancock and Sam Adams are boiling lobsters in a pot; when he wakes up, he realizes that Revere and Warren are talking about Hancock and Adams and how much relative danger they're all in.
  • Revere decides to get out of town so he can spread the word if anything does happen. They all know that once the shooting starts, the British will close off Boston, and everyone will be trapped inside.
  • Revere and Warren decide that another man, Billy Dawes, will also try to get out and be ready to ride, in case Revere gets caught.
  • Revere runs into Doctor Church and refuses to tell him anything.
  • On April 16, Rab leaves to join the militia in Lexington. Johnny takes Rab's calm attitude at the end of their bromance badly and refuses to tell Rab goodbye; he's pretty bummed that he has to stay and listen to Dove spill secrets rather than going to fight with Rab. Even though it's Sunday, the British and the Colonial militia are all drilling.
  • Nothing much happens on Monday, April 17.
  • On April 18, Johnny finds Dove in the stables at the Afric Queen. Dove is in a mood because he polished the wrong saddle, and Colonel Smith beat him for it. Johnny manages to figure out that the colonel wanted his campaign saddle, which has never been unpacked. By polishing the correct saddle and talking to Dove, Johnny gets many details about British plans.
  • Johnny carries this information to Doctor Warren, who sends him to tell Billy Dawes and Paul Revere to get ready to ride.
  • Revere sends Johnny on to the home of the Christ Church sexton, Robert Newman, with a message to hang two lights in the church tower.
  • When Johnny gets back to Doctor Warren's, Revere and Warren are in the surgery. Revere encourages Warren to leave too, but Warren decides to stay to continue to gather information.
  • Doctor Warren tells Johnny to get some sleep, but Johnny goes down to Boston Common instead, where hundreds of people are watching the British soldiers embark.
  • Johnny hears that Revere and Dawes are safely on their way.
  • Johnny returns to Doctor Warren's around midnight, where he finally falls asleep in the surgery. He hasn't slept well since Rab left, and he's been running all night.
  • At dawn on April 19, the first shots are fired in Lexington.
  • The war is beginning, and Johnny is sleeping straight through it.

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