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Joseph Andrews Book 1, Chapters 8-10

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Book 1, Chapters 8-10

  • Lady Booby decides to immediately dismiss Joseph, even though she still has the hots for him.
  • Well, okay, she plans to immediately dismiss him—after she has one last stab at seducing him.
  • It's a no go.
  • The straw that finally breaks the camel's back is Joseph's mention of his sister, Pamela. Lady Booby's having none of it.
  • Slipslop, in the meantime, is desperate for Lady Booby to keep Joseph on. After all, she's still trying to make things work out for herself and Joseph romantically.
  • Lady Booby fires Slipslop for being sassy, but it's a dangerous deed. Slipslop could totally expose Lady Booby for trying to seduce a footman.
  • Joseph writes another weepy letter to Pamela, having finally figured out that Lady Booby is in love (or something) with him. Luckily, Parson Adams taught Joseph the virtue of chastity.
  • Mr. Peter Pounce, Lady Booby's right-hand man, dismisses Joseph on the double. Dude doesn't even get to keep his footman costume, which is a real shame.

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