Study Guide

Jurassic Park Fifth Iteration

By Michael Crichton

Fifth Iteration

Chapter 44: Search

  • Muldoon finds one of the T. rex's kills. He shows Gennaro the difference between the T. rex bite and the othy bites.
  • Arnold radios Muldoon: they've found Nedry.
  • Muldoon and Gennaro head over.
  • The guys now know that Nedry stole 15 embryos. They find his body by the Jeep he took. The compys got to him after the Dilophosaurs.
  • Muldoon grabs the rockets.
  • The guys leave Nedry to the compys.
  • Lex wishes her daddy were there. Tim reminds her that their dad wouldn't know what to do.
  • The kids start to argue, but they stop when they hear a shriek from downriver: Arnold has lost sight of the T. rex.
  • Grant and the kids enter the aviary, a large dome. They get out of the raft to look for a way to contact the control room.

Chapter 45: Aviary

  • Malcolm explains to Arnold why the motion sensors cover an inadequate area. He speculates that Grant may be on the river.
  • Arnold hopes that Grant and the kids haven't gone into the aviary.
  • Grant comes to the lodge in the aviary. It's incomplete. He and the kids spot the Pterodactyls.
  • The Pterodactyls attack, biting Lex and trying to carry her off. Grant saves her, but the dactyl takes her baseball glove.
  • Grant and the kids leave the aviary, spot the T. rex again, and hear hooting.
  • Malcolm asks Sattler for more morphine. He tells her to fill tubs of water and prepare for a disaster. He complains about the methods of scientists.
  • Grant and the kids approach a pair of the spitting dinosaurs drinking water along the river.
  • Fortunately, the Tyrannosaur distracts them.

Chapter 46: Tyrannosaur

  • Muldoon finishes his whiskey and heads toward the Tyrannosaur, now visible on the monitors.
  • Gennaro helps him prepare the weapon.
  • Muldoon shoots the T. rex twice, but he seems to miss.
  • Muldoon and Gennaro escape the T. rex's charge.
  • Grant, Tim, and Lex go over a waterfall.
  • The Tyrannosaurus awaits them at the bottom, naturally.
  • Grant pulls himself out of the river, then helps Tim.
  • Lex's lifejacket is dangling from the T. rex's jaw. Don't worry, though: she bobs to the surface and floats past the creature. Grant pulls her ashore. She's fine.
  • Grant and the kids flee while the T. rex is looking the other way.
  • While the T. rex looks for Grant and the kids downstream, they turn back toward the waterfall and hide in a recess. They find an entrance to a building.
  • Grant goes in. He finds a car and a baby male Velociraptor. A male Velociraptor, you say?
  • Outside, the T. rex is trying to get at the kids, sticking her jaws into the waterfall. She grabs Tim with her tongue, pulling him, but she lets him go and vanishes for some unknown reason.

Chapter 47: Control

  • Turns out Muldoon's shot had hit the T. rex. Lucky for Tim.
  • Wu is worried the T. rex will drown. Muldoon says that won't happen.
  • Arnold gloats to Gennaro.
  • Too soon. Gennaro points out the blinking sign noting low auxiliary power. Yes, they've been running the park on auxiliary power.
  • The power fails.
  • One point for Malcolm.
  • With the power out, the waterfall stops, and the door before the kids opens.
  • Arnold realizes that none of the fences have been electrified since they restored power.
  • Muldoon takes charge. He sends Arnold to the maintenance shed to restore the main power and orders Wu to stay in the control room. He also sends Hammond to the lodge.
  • Gennaro goes with Arnold: they have to check the raptors. Once armed, they go outside.
  • Arnold is being stalked by three raptors.
  • Muldoon shoots one raptor. It explodes.
  • The remaining two raptors charge Arnold and Gennaro.
  • Wu hears screaming; it sounds like Muldoon.
  • Muldoon and Gennaro have made a run for it. The raptors are following Muldoon.
  • Meanwhile, Harding and Sattler give Malcolm more morphine. Hammond and Malcolm argue about the park and about scientific power.
  • Outside, Arnold enters the maintenance shed. He can't see, so he props the door open with his shoe. A raptor follows him in.
  • Muldoon is hiding in a pipe.
  • The raptor gets Arnold.
  • Gennaro says he'll go the maintenance shed. He gets there, finds Arnold's shoe, and gets attacked by the raptor himself.
  • Meanwhile, Malcolm philosophizes.

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