Study Guide

Jurassic Park Prologue: The Bite of the Raptor

By Michael Crichton

Prologue: The Bite of the Raptor

  • Bobbie Carter, a visiting physician at a remote coastal village clinic in Costa Rica, hears the sound of a helicopter over the pounding rain.
  • The helicopter lands, and an injured man is carried to the clinic.
  • Ed Regis calls for a doctor. He tells Dr. Carter that the young man was run over by a backhoe.
  • Dr. Carter says he looks more like he'd been mauled by an animal.
  • Ed Regis looks nervous and out of his depth in Dr. Carter's eyes.
  • Dr. Carter treats the injured man with the help of Manuel, her assistant. She takes pictures of the injuries and notes wounds on the youth's hands.
  • The injured man says: "Raptor."
  • Manuel says the word means "hupia," a kind of night ghost that steals babies. He crosses himself and backs away, noting the bad smell.
  • The man sits up, vomits blood, convulses, and dies.
  • Ed returns to the room. The dead youth is carried away.
  • Dr. Carter discovers that her camera is gone. Later, she asks Elena what raptor means in Spanish.
  • It means "abductor."
  • Not satisfied, Dr. Carter looks up the word in an English dictionary. It means "bird of prey."

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