Study Guide

Jurassic Park The First Iteration

By Michael Crichton

The First Iteration

Chapter 1: Almost Paradise

  • In a Land Rover, Mike Bowman drives his wife Ellen and daughter Tina to a beach in Costa Rica.
  • Tina spies what she thinks is a squirrel monkey crossing the jungle path.
  • The Bowmans arrive at a deserted beach.
  • Ellen worries about snakes, while Tina plays out of their sight.
  • A lizard chirps and jumps on Tina. Her parents hear her screams.

Chapter 2: Puntarenas

  • Tina is seen by Dr. Cruz.
  • Tina's bites are disappearing, and the doctor doesn't recognize the animal that bit her.
  • An American biologist named Dr. Guitierrez believes it was a basilisk lizard.
  • With the animal apparently identified, analysis of its saliva halts.
  • A sample is sent to San José (the one in Costa Rica).
  • Tina thanks Dr. Cruz and observes that he has changed his shirt but not his tie.
  • Dr. Cruz asks Tina how many toes the lizard had. She says three.
  • Dr. Cruz tells this to Dr. Guitierrez.
  • Dr. Guitierrez no longer sure that she was attacked by a basilisk lizard.

Chapter 3: The Beach

  • Marty Guitierrez looks into basilisk lizard bites and finds nothing. Reports come to him of other animal attacks on children in the area.
  • Guitierrez goes to the beach to see if he can find the creature Tina saw. He finds one being eaten by a howler monkey.

Chapter 4: New York

  • The lizard is sent to Dr. Simpson, but because he's on a field trip, the animal is forwarded to Dr. Stone at Columbia University.
  • Dr. Stone can't identify the animal, but he can check it for diseases.
  • The tests show nothing worth noting.
  • A fax is sent to Dr. Guitierrez.
  • Dr. Stone assumes (wrongly) the lizard is a basilisk and that the bites pose no major health concern.
  • Elsewhere in Costa Rica, a midwife discovers the baby in her care is dead, attacked by lizards.

Chapter 5: The Shape of the Data

  • Back at Columbia University, a technician named Alice Levin sees Tina's drawing and identifies it as a dinosaur.
  • Richard Stone explains that it's a present-day animal.
  • Alice wants Dr. Stone to send the animal to an expert, but Dr. Stone says no.

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