Study Guide

Jurassic Park Awe and Amazement

By Michael Crichton

Awe and Amazement

In a way, Steven Spielberg built his own Jurassic Park when he made a movie based on Michael Crichton's novel. With the latest special effects—which still hold up today—Spielberg brought realistic dinosaurs to the silver screen. Audiences watched in awe and amazement as the heroes of the movie looked at real dinosaurs, also in awe and amazement. The novel Jurassic Park is arguably less "wonder-filled" than the movie, but wonder is still a big theme in the book. Despite the folly of their efforts, Hammond and his team really do want visitors to the park to experience the most wonderful of all possible attractions.

Questions About Awe and Amazement

  1. Does Hammond have ulterior motives for inviting his grandkids to the park?
  2. How are fear and wonder related in Jurassic Park?
  3. Why does Grant like children?
  4. What is it about dinosaurs that most fascinates the guests at Jurassic Park?

Chew on This

Grant finds dinosaurs more awesome and amazing when seeing only their bones.

Grant finds dinosaurs more awesome and amazing when he sees them up close and alive.

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