Study Guide

Jurassic Park Foolishness and Folly

By Michael Crichton

Foolishness and Folly

Hey, brilliant intelligence is no obstacle to absolute folly. In fact, it's often the smartest minds that concoct the most foolish plans. Case in point: Jurassic Park. In Crichton's novel, super brainy engineers, geneticists, biologists, financiers, lawyers, and designers come together to build an amusement park with real live cloned dinosaurs—and they actually thought this was a good idea.

In Jurassic Park, as anyone without a God complex could predict, technical error and human error unleash prehistoric chaos. The dinosaurs escape. The Tyrannosaur goes on a raging tour. People die. A little more foresight, next time?

Questions About Foolishness and Folly

  1. What are the primary causes of Jurassic Park falling apart?
  2. Who, in your opinion, is most to blame for the park's failure?
  3. In what specific ways did people's false assumptions lead to problems?
  4. Which dinosaur was it most foolish of the engineers to make?

Chew on This

Jurassic Park could have worked successfully with better planning and oversight.

Jurassic Park would not have worked better with improved planning and oversight.

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