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Jurassic Park Greed

By Michael Crichton

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Jurassic Park's John Hammond would probably agree with Wall Street's Gordon Gekko, who famously said that greed is good. Hammond is one filthy rich dude. He literally buys his own island so he can do what he wants without government interference. He's a dreamer, too. He has plans for his island: it will be an amusement park with living dinosaurs—from which he expects to make an even bigger fortune.

Yeah, well, unfortunately, Hammond's greed clouds his judgment. He's so caught up in his dream of seeing rich kids in awe of dinosaurs that he doesn't consider what could go wrong with his park. Even after everything does go wrong, he still wants to continue.

Questions About Greed

  1. Why would Hammond say that his greed is good?
  2. What does Hammond mostly want his park to accomplish?
  3. Why do boats have to get away from the pier before a storm?
  4. Why isn't Hammond interested in helping mankind?

Chew on This

In itself, the desire for wealth is good.

In itself, the desire for wealth is bad.

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