Study Guide

Jurassic Park Power

By Michael Crichton


Jurassic Park is a story about the limits and dangers of power. Things get pretty complicated when you play the game of cloning dinosaurs. Sure, the accomplishment shows off your scientific and technological mastery, but is that display really worth being eaten? Jurassic Park says no. Mad genetic-engineering skills give you only so much control over nature. You might impress the investors, and you might be the envy of technicians the world over, but to the Velociraptors you've created, you're nothing but an easy lunch.

Questions About Power

  1. How does Wu attempt to control the animals at the park?
  2. How does Hammond persuade scientists to do what he wants?
  3. Why do the engineers lose control of the island?
  4. Why does Malcolm want scientists with "thintelligence" taken out of power? How might that be accomplished?

Chew on This

If Hammond had planned better, he would have been able to keep control over the park and its animals.

No matter how well Hammond had planned, he would have lost control of the park.

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