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Jurassic Park Point of View

Point of View

The plot of Jurassic Park is pretty simple. Here are the people. There are the dinosaurs. Watch the people run from the dinosaurs.

Once the storm hits and the power goes out, we end up with three basic storylines. The shortest is Dennis Nedry trying to smuggle the dinosaur embryos out of the park. He's devoured fairly quickly.

As for our heroes, Grant and Sattler are separated when she decides to stay behind with a load of Triceratops poop. That leaves Grant, Malcolm, and the kids to get attacked by a T. rex. These plots intersect when Sattler arrives and saves Malcolm, bringing him back to the visitor's center.

So now Grant must get the kids to safety, while Sattler must restore power to the park. Once Grant and the kids arrive, everyone is reunited and escapes via helicopter, minus a couple of people who get chomped on along the way.

As we said, it's all very basic. But describing the plot is a lot easier than actually fleeing those clever raptors—you know, since they can open doors.