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Jurassic Park Shock Rating

Shock Rating


Jurassic Park is mostly all shock, little violence. Although the dinosaurs do chomp on a few humans, most of the actual chomping is done off-screen or is obscured by trees or vehicles. The series doesn't get outright gory until the sequel, The Lost World.

It's also interesting that no dinosaurs were harmed during the making of this movie—when humans and dinosaurs meet, humans either run or lose. Although Grant fires off a few shots at raptors near the end, they don't appear to be any worse for wear. Hey, he's an archaeologist, not a sharpshooter. There's only dinosaur-on-dinosaur violence, when the T. rex and raptors grapple at the end.

As for other factors that ratchet up the shock rating—sex and language—there is none of the former (it's hard to even tell that Drs. Grant and Sattler are supposed to be romantically linked) and very little of the latter, used mainly for comic effect, like when describing Triceratops poop with a certain popular four-letter word.