Study Guide

Sarah in Kindred

By Octavia Estelle Butler


Sarah is a black slave who fills the role of cook for the white Weylin family. We learn early on that she hates Margaret Weylin because Margaret was responsible for Sarah's children being sold off to slave traders. She can't even hear Margaret's name without saying, "Miss Margaret […] B****!" (3.3.92). But even though she hates her situation and the Weylin family, Sarah is determined to make the best of the life she has. When Dana starts talking about free black slaves travelling north and writing books, Sarah angrily answers, "Don't want to hear no more 'bout it! […] Things ain't bad here. I can get along" (4.7.32). Sarah likes to think of herself as a strong person, but she gets frustrated whenever Dana's talk of running away reminds her of her fear.