Study Guide

Life of Pi Part 2, Chapter 53

By Yann Martel

Part 2, Chapter 53

  • Pi sleeps most of the morning and wakes up to this fact: "RP will kill me if I stay on the lifeboat." He decides to build a raft.
  • While building the raft, RP stirs. RP stares down Pi and the hyena. RP kills the hyena with ease. It's actually scary how easily RP kills the hyena.
  • Pi thinks he's next.
  • Out of nowhere, a rat runs across the tarpaulin and Pi thinks RP is going to jump up after the rat and maul poor Pi too.
  • Pi thinks quickly: he grabs the rat and tosses it to RP who inhales the little beast.
  • RP focuses on eating the hyena.
  • Pi focuses on finishing his raft. He ties it with some handy rope to the lifeboat.
  • It starts raining so Pi gets a rain-catcher from the locker and almost incites RP to attack.
  • The chapter ends with Pi out on his raft. Night falls.