Study Guide

Carrie Johnstone in Little Brother

By Cory Doctorow

Carrie Johnstone

A.k.a. Severe Haircut Lady

When you're known simply as "Severe Haircut Lady," it's time to a) rethink your choice of hairstyle and b) stop being such as jerkosaur.

Carrie becomes the face of DHS for Marcus, even though he doesn't know her name until the very end of the book. She's in charge of the DHS operations in San Francisco and interrogates him repeatedly…and heartlessly.

Carrie's as cold as ice. She doesn't flinch at "enhanced interrogation" methods. Just check out her explanation of waterboarding:

"They call it a simulated execution, and from what I can tell from this side of the room, that's a fair assessment. You won't be able to fight the feeling that you're dying." (20.194)

We get the idea she's experienced and good at her job. Perhaps a little too good.

Even though the illegal Treasure Island facility gets uncovered, Carrie doesn't appear to be punished for her crimes in epilogue, which seems super unfair. But maybe she'll come back for another sequel: Little Brother 2: The Haircut Is Even More Severe.

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