Study Guide

Lord of Light Allusions

By Roger Zelazny


This novel's cup doeth runneth over with references to Hinduism, Buddhism, and their respective mythologies. As such, we're only going to mention a few choice examples here for two major reasons: (1) Zelazny knows his mythology, so we're certain we've missed several hidden gems; and (2) almost every character is a shout-out to some mythological figure. If we named even just the ones we noticed, we'd be here all day.

Literary and Philosophical References

(Some) Mythology References

Historical References

Pop Culture References

  • Johann Stauss II, The Blue Danube (2.44, 2.48)
  • Jack Judge, "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" (2.145)
  • Kathakali Dancers (3.22)
  • Irish Stand-down (6.338)