Study Guide

Taraka in Lord of Light

By Roger Zelazny


Say hello to the Lord of Hellwell and leader of the demon-like Rakasha. So, as you can imagine, he's one pleasant energy-based life form. Sam recruits Taraka and his Rakasha to help fight the gods, but Lord of Hellwell turns around and possesses Sam's body and takes it for a textbook tour of all seven deadly sins. Overtime, Sam imprints his humanity upon the Rakasha, and Taraka's guilt leads him to form a true alliance with the Buddha.

Taraka fights on Sam's side at the Battle of Keenset. He later joins Nirriti's ranks and fights against Sam at the Battle of Khaipur, so he can finally go toe-to-toe with Yama. Yama, being the god of death and all, kills Taraka in the battle. See ya, dude.