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Elsa Lamartine in Love Medicine

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Elsa Lamartine

Elsa is Beverly's wife. We don't learn a ton about her, aside from the fact that Beverly was pretty crazy about her before he ran off to Lulu's. We do get a little bit of a cold vibe with her, perhaps because she didn't like to be cuddled when she was sleeping. Apparently, Beverly could only gently touch her back, because:

That was the limit of touching she would tolerate in slumber. She even took her sleeping breath with a certain rigid meanness, holding it stubbornly and releasing it with small explosive sighs. (6.1.25)

Also, even though Bev wouldn't admit it to himself when he was fantasizing about bringing Henry Jr. to live with them, she wasn't into kids: "… she shuddered at children in the streets and whispered 'Monkeys!" (6.1.27). So, she doesn't come off as the warmest woman that ever lived.

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