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Lyman Lamartine in Love Medicine

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Lyman Lamartine

Lyman is Lulu's son with Nector. He gets his own first-person chapter offering his perspective on his brother's death… but this chapter really tells us more about Henry Jr., and Lyman's attempts to save him than Lyman himself.

One thing Lyman tells us about himself is that he's really good with money, which is how he was able to go in on buying a car with Henry Jr.:

My one talent was I could always make money. I had a touch for it, unusual in a Chippewa. From the first I was different that way, and everyone recognized it. I was the only kid they let in the American Legion Hall to shine shoes, for example and one Christmas I sold spiritual bouquets for the mission door to door. (10.1.2)

Wow, the kids in this book are a pretty impressive bunch overall, no?

In addition to being good with cash, Lyman is probably more than a little lucky—he almost died in the fire Nector set in Lulu's house, but his mother rescued him in time.

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