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Love Medicine Section 1, Chapter 1

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Section 1, Chapter 1

  • Section 1 is called "The World's Greatest Fisherman (1981)." Which: what? We thought we were in North Dakota‚Ķ not exactly Deadliest Catch¬†territory.
  • Oh, also, heads up: some of these chapters have titles and some of them don't. We don't know either.
  • When the book opens, the narration is given in the third-person. We meet June Kashpaw, "a long-legged Chippewa woman" who is walking down the street in Williston, North Dakota. It's the day before Easter Sunday, and she's waiting for a bus.
  • She and a guy sitting in a bar start eyeing each other through the bar's window. Even though she has to catch a bus soon, she decides to go in there and hang out with him for a while.
  • She and the guy, Andy, end up spending the night hanging out, and she forgets about taking her bus.
  • Then they drive out of town, and Andy starts putting the moves on her. However, he falls asleep before anything much can happen, and she manages to wriggle out of the car and starts walking.
  • Instead of walking back toward Williston, she decides to "walk home."

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