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Love Medicine Section 1, Chapter 3

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Section 1, Chapter 3

  • Then Lipsha Morrissey shows up. He and King don't get along (oh, and King and Lynette don't seem like they're on great terms, either).
  • There's a lot of drinking going on as the evening progresses. The boys talk about fishing, and King gets emotional about his Uncle Eli.
  • King then leaves the room and apparently tries to get in the car. Gordie says he thinks it will be good for his son to get some air, but Lynette goes after him.
  • Everyone inside hears the couple arguing because Lynette won't let him have the keys to the car.
  • Apparently, she then gets into the car and locks it, and King gets so mad he starts breaking stuff trying to get in/express his rage.
  • So, Gordie and Albertine go out to see what's going on, and Gordie pries King off and wrestles him to the ground in a bear hug. With his face in the dirt, King starts crying about his mother and how awful it must be to be dead and buried—he talks as though he knows what it's like, with his face in the dirt.
  • After everything has cooled down, Eli and Gordie leave, and King, Lynette, Albertine, Lipsha, and King Junior are still there for the night.
  • Albertine and Lipsha go to lie outside in the field, drink, and stare at the lights.

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