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Love Medicine Section 1 Chapter 4

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Section 1 Chapter 4

  • Albertine starts to try to tell Lipsha a family secret—that Aunt June was Lipsha's mother—but she doesn't quite get it out. Lipsha thinks of Grandma Kashpaw as his mother, so he's not that interested in the topic, apparently.
  • Also, he had heard that his mother wanted to drown him, which is another reason he's not super interested in meeting her.
  • They sleep for a while and awake to the sound of clanging in the house. Immediately, Albertine knows that Lynette and King are fighting.
  • When they get there, she finds King trying to drown Lynette in the kitchen sink. To stop him, Albertine hits him over the head with a block of wood. It doesn't seem to deter him. Finally, she climbs on his back and bites his ear.
  • In all of the ruckus, the pies get ruined. Albertine yells at King for this crime (rather than, you know, trying to kill his wife).
  • Then Lynette and King make up and go have sex in their car just a little ways from the house.

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