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Love Medicine Section 10, Chapter 1

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Section 10, Chapter 1

Lyman Lamartine

  • Here's Section 10: The Red Convertible (1974). Yeah, these sections are kind of like chapters, right?
  • Now we're inside Lyman Lamartine's mind. It seems that he and his brother Henry had owned a car together before Henry went off to war.
  • Lyman reminisces about life with Henry before he left… and then life after he returned from Vietnam. Apparently, Henry came back quite different.
  • In a ruse to get his brother interested in something, Lyman ended up banging up their mutually owned car. The plan worked: he managed to get Henry interested in working on the repairs.
  • Once the car was fixed, they took it out together. They seemed to have a nice time and ended up talking a bit.
  • Then, Henry decided to go jump in the river near where they had been sitting. And then suddenly he was gone.
  • Lyman went in after him, but apparently Henry was nowhere to be found. So, Lyman put the car in the water.

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