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Love Medicine Section 16, Chapter 1

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Section 16, Chapter 1

Howard Kashpaw

  • This section is entitled "Crossing the Water (1985)."
  • Now we're following the perspective of Howard Kashpaw, King and Lynette's toddler son. However, this chapter remains in the third person rather than beaming directly into Howard's mind.
  • During the time described in the chapter, Howard was listening to his parents talk. According to his father, someone had escaped from somewhere. Apparently, this was bad news—King thought he was now "sunk."
  • We then get some background on how Howard went from being known as "King Junior" to being Howard. Since he was very bright, he had just asked his teacher to call him that, and apparently she agreed. Another fun fact: he had learned how to read from Sesame Street.
  • We learn about various aspects of Howard's home life with his parents, who apparently argued a lot. And one time, someone had come to arrest King.

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