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Love Medicine Section 16, Chapter 2

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Section 16, Chapter 2

Lipsha Morrissey

  • Apparently, Lipsha sought advice from King when he decided to enroll in the military… and immediately regretted it. King had warned him that the military would not let up on him until he did his duty.
  • When Lynette asked why he had done it (enrolled, that is), Lipsha said he had thought his mother would have wanted him to do it. He had recently found out that June was his mother.
  • We quickly learn that Lulu had been the one to tell him about June—and the fact that she herself (Lulu, that is) was his grandmother. Gerry (her son) was Lipsha's father.
  • Upon getting this news, he had snuck into Marie's apartment and stolen some money that she had purposely told him was there (and she let him do it, pretending to be asleep).
  • Then he rode a bus until he got to a border town. He was pretty ashamed of having stolen from his grandmother. He went into an army recruiting station and signed up.
  • He immediately regretted that decision and wanted to run away. Also, he decided it was time to meet his dad. He had had a sixth sense kind of feeling that his dad was about to bust out of prison, so the timing seemed about right…
  • So, he ended up in the Twin Cities looking up Lynette and King. Despite the fact that his hosts weren't super thrilled with his presence, Lipsha had every intention of staying for dinner (with or without an invitation). He eventually helped himself to some cereal, when that full meal didn't come about.
  • He continued to chat with King when Lynette left to watch TV. They started playing cards.
  • Eventually, Lipsha turned the conversation to Gerry, and for some reason King got increasingly irritated.
  • Then, the news came on the TV announcing that Gerry had escaped. Lipsha was pleased and cheered, but King and Lynette were not happy.
  • They sat there for hours, and then Lipsha heard the sound of someone climbing up the pipes outside. Eventually, Gerry climbed in the window of the skylight shaft and into King's apartment.

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