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Love Medicine Section 16, Chapter 3

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Section 16, Chapter 3

  • Upon arriving and sitting down to play cards, Gerry told Lipsha that King had been the informer that ratted him out. Ah, guess that explains why he wasn't happy to hear Gerry was out, eh?
  • Lipsha was soon totally sure that Lulu was right and Gerry was his dad, noting that Gerry had a form of the same "touch" that he had.
  • They heard Lynette try to call the police in the next room, but the phone line had apparently been cut.
  • The men set the stakes of their poker game. Lipsha decided they should play for King's car—the one we saw at the very beginning of the book, which he had bought with June's insurance money.
  • Of course, Lipsha had been cheating at cards throughout the night, so he had this one in the bag. He dealt himself a royal flush. So, for those of you who haven't spent a lot of time in the casino, he definitely won.
  • He was offering to drive Gerry wherever he wanted with his new car when the police showed up. However, Gerry fled before the police got in, since little Howard was the one who went running to the door to answer it.
  • He had thought they were coming to arrest King, and he was apparently eager for them to take King away, so he unlatched the door as quickly as he could… he was just a little too short to reach easily.

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