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Love Medicine Section 16, Chapter 4

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Section 16, Chapter 4

  • Lipsha went out to his new car and drove it off. Along the way, he started hearing some thumping. He ignored it at first.
  • However, eventually he stopped as the thumping got more insistent. When he opened the trunk, he found Gerry hidden there, almost out of breathing air.
  • At Gerry's request, Lipsha drove him up toward the Canadian border (this time with Gerry in the car, natch). Along the way, they chatted. They talked about whether Gerry was actually guilty of killing that trooper, but Lipsha stops short of revealing exactly what Gerry told him.
  • Although they never outright acknowledged being father and son, Gerry said that he knew Lipsha wouldn't have to worry about the military after all—once he did his medical exam, he claimed, they would find the same heart condition that Gerry himself had.
  • After dropping his father off, he drove away toward home. When he was going over the bridge of their boundary river, he stopped and got out, thinking about his family. He got out his grandmother's handkerchief.
  • He then got back in the car, resolving to "bring her home." It's left ambiguous exactly what exactly that means…

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