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Love Medicine Section 3, Chapter 1

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Section 3, Chapter 1

  • This section is called "Wild Geese (1934)."
  • Now we're inside Nector Kashpaw's head, back in the same year of Marie's story. We hear about his life at that time and what he's like. He had been carrying some dead geese around on the day described. Ew.
  • We learn that up to that point he had been in love with Lulu Nanapush—actually, he was pretty obsessed with her. Until…
  • …Marie Lazarre had come running down the hill from the convent. Strangely, her hand was bundled up.
  • Since Marie came from a family of criminals and was running, Nector had assumed she was stealing stuff from the nuns. So, gallant creature that he was, he tried to stop her from continuing on her way.
  • In the tussle that followed, she ended up falling on top of him, and things shifted into the racy zone.
  • In a strange moment, suddenly Nector had abandoned his dreams of being with Lulu and was partnered up with Marie…

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