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Love Medicine Section 4, Chapter 1

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Section 4, Chapter 1

  • This section's called "The Island." Also, dang, but these sections are short.
  • Speaking of Lulu Nanapush, now we're inside her mind. We learn that at some point she had left her mother and come to live with her Uncle Nanapush, who was married to Aunt Rushes Bear. Apparently Lulu hated Rushes Bear and "plotted her downfall with a young girl's vigor." Hmm, what do you suppose that means?
  • We get more background on the family, including Rushes Bear's initial tension with Marie Lazarre.
  • Then we get the story of how Lulu ended up hooking up with Moses Pillager. Despite the fact that he was her cousin… and much older than her. Uncle Nanapush was against the match, but she went anyway.
  • Lulu ended up living on Moses's island with him, and they were together for a while afterwards. Lulu wanted to leave the island when she got pregnant, but Moses freaked out at the idea—apparently, he couldn't leave. So they stayed, while Lulu worried about how she would deliver out there.

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