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Love Medicine Section 6, Chapter 1

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Section 6, Chapter 1

  • This chapter is called "Lulu's Boys (1957)."
  • We're back with Lulu, but now it's a third-person narration—and she's Lulu Lamartine.
  • We learn about some complex family dynamics that had been at play since we last saw her. After Moses, it seems that Lulu married someone named Henry Lamartine, but she became a widow when Henry committed suicide by stopping his car on the train tracks while he was still in it.
  • Lulu and Henry had had several children together, but it appeared that not all of them belonged to Henry (biologically speaking). In fact, it seems that Henry's brother, Beverly, was actually the father of Henry Lamartine, Jr., who was born nine months after Henry's death. Oooh, juicy gossip.
  • So, Lulu had eight boys, most/all of whom appeared to be from different fathers.
  • Anyway, at the point where this chapter picks up, years after Henry's death and Henry Junior's birth, Beverly Lamartine had decided he wanted to take Henry Junior back with him to the Twin Cities to live with him and his wife Elsa.
  • Without telling Elsa (or anyone else) this plan, he went to go visit Lulu, but instead of making off with their child, after reconnecting/reminiscing with Lulu, he ended up getting embroiled with her romantically yet again...

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