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Love Medicine Section 9: Chapter 1

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Section 9: Chapter 1

  • Welcome to Section 9: A Bridge (1973).
  • Now we're rejoining Albertine, but this time the narration is in the third-person.
  • It seems that she ran away from home, taking the bus to Fargo. However, she'd only had just enough money to get herself thereā€¦ and beyond that, she didn't really have a plan.
  • While she was sitting in the bus station trying to come up with one, she spotted a good-looking soldier who looked like he could be Chippewa. She ended up following him out of the station.
  • It turned out that he was Henry Lamartine Junior, and he had recently been in Vietnam.
  • They spent the evening together and ended up back at a hotel together. Even though Albertine was quite a bit younger than Henry (fifteen), they ended up in bed together.
  • However, in addition to being drunk, Henry appeared to have some bad war memories that were intruding on his present, and so his behavior and perceptions appeared pretty erratic (to us and to her, we're sure) during the encounter. The next morning, when Albertine rolled over and touched Henry, he went ballistic. He ended up in tears.

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