Literary and Philosophical References

  • Freud (1.15)-20th-century psychologist credited with developing psychoanalysis
  • Pandora (3.23)-first human woman created by Greek Gods; she was given a box full of evils which she inadvertently released into the world when she opened it out of curiosity
  • Judas (4.52)-one of Jesus Christ's twelve apostles who betrayed Jesus to the chief priests
  • Emily, Charlotte, and Jane Bronte (5.22)-19th-century British writers and sisters
  • Enid Blyton (5.22)-20th-century British writer of children's books
  • Lucifer (5.24)-fallen archangel also known as Satan
  • Paradise Lost by Milton (5.24)-epic poem by John Milton that tells the story of the Fall of Man
  • William Shakespeare (5.24)-16th and 17th-century English poet
  • Book of Genesis (5.24)-first book of the Old Testament

Historical References

  • Christopher Columbus (5.5)-15th-century Italian explorer

Pop Culture References

  • Bing Crosby (2.8)-20th-century American singer and actor

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