Study Guide

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Chapter 4

By Stephen Crane

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Chapter 4

  • The baby, Tommie, and "Ol' Johnson," the father, are dead, which seems to be no big deal. Weird. One can only imagine why.
  • Obviously some time has gone by.
  • Jimmie and Maggie are still around, though. And now Jimmie has a sassy attitude: sneering, hating the world, ready for a fight, and generally being a very ticked-off guy. Best to stay out of his way. He also likes to hang out and just watch life pass him by. Oh, and he hates anyone who practices religion or wears nice clothes. And he also has beef with pedestrians. Yeah, he has become what one might call a hater.
  • Jimmie gets a job as a truck driver. Did someone say road rage? He spends his days driving around New York City looking for trouble—he only has respect for one thing: fire engines.
  • Shockingly, Jimmie has a bit of a rap sheet, what with all of his battles and brawls.

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