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Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • She's cute, and he's a "warrior," "invincible," and a "formidable man." Suffice it to say, she's hooked on the Pete Kool-Aid.
  • Now her house seems even grimmer. She passes the time thinking about Pete and his job, his friends, his money, and just how generally superior he is to everything in her sad-sack life.
  • Anticipating Pete's next visit, Maggie spruces up the house with some drapery. Apparently it—or something—works, because he asks her out to see a show.
  • She's all excited because everyone is afraid of him. He is clearly the Big Man on Campus, and crowds part when he comes down the sidewalk.
  • Momma Mary is still getting wasted, so of course she embarrasses Maggie when Pete comes to pick her up. Thanks, Mom.

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