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Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Chapter 7

By Stephen Crane

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Chapter 7

  • Does Pete know how to party? You betcha. He loves himself a spectacle, so he takes Maggie to music halls, burlesque shows, and all manner of lowbrow entertainment. For Maggie, the escape from life at home is more than welcome.
  • She really digs hanging out with Pete at the smoky orchestra performances, drinking beer and mingling with the masses. Pete stands out because he's a real gentleman, and she loves how he works the whole classy angle for her.
  • But Maggie sees Pete as more than just a night at the theater spent watching people sing and ventriloquists do their acts—he's her ticket out of the dump that is Rum Alley.
  • Pete's really into Maggie, too; she can tell because he stares at her a lot and asks her to kiss him. She's not down for smooching, though. Bummer for Pete—he thought he was going to get some.

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