Study Guide

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Chapter 8

By Stephen Crane

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Chapter 8

  • Maggie starts getting stressed about her wardrobe. Dating Pete has upped the ante, and it seems like every lady on the street has nicer clothes. This stinks.
  • She also starts to worry that she's going to become an old hag, like some of her co-workers at the collar and cuff factory.
  • Pete is showing Maggie a really good time: dime shows, menageries, museums, a whole world of culture she never knew existed. Oh—and the melodramas with damsels in distress. What a knight in shining armor Pete is.
  • These shows are infinitely entertaining. The villains so villainous and the heroes so, well, heroic. Maggie is ready to climb on stage and become a character in one of the plays; she wonders if she might act the part of a classy lady just like actresses do on stage.

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