Study Guide

The Canterbury Tales: the Man of Law's Tale Lines 1030-1120

By Chaucer, Geoffrey

Lines 1030-1120

Lines 1030-1078

  • Alla's pretty freaked out: this kid he's just met looks an awful lot like his wife.
  • And then it hits him: this has totally got to be his son.
  • The next day Alla heads over to the Senator's to see if it's true. The Senator immediately sends for Custance, who is understandably a bit afraid to meet Alla.
  • But her fears are unfounded, because he's totally pumped to see her. So happy, even, that he cries.
  • Custance is a wee bit dumbfounded, considering she thought that her hubby wanted her killed. She faints. Twice.
  • Still sobbing, he asks for forgiveness.
  • Then Custance starts blubbering, too, and it's a great big cry-fest. Until they start kissing.
  • What can we say except the happy couple is reunited?
  • And yet, we haven't reached our ending yet.

Lines 1079-1120

  • Custance asks her long-lost hubster to request a dinner with her father. Sounds like standard procedure, until you remember that her dear ol' dad is the Emperor of Rome.
  • She also tells Alla not to tell the Emperor about Custance.
  • When he goes to make the request, Alla brings his son Maurice with him, and the Emperor takes one look at the child and immediately thinks of his daughter. He agrees to a dinner.
  • The next day, both Alla and Custance head to dinner with the Emperor. Custance immediately falls at her father's feet and begs fr mercy.
  • Another cry/joy-fest ensues.
  • Everyone sits down to dinner and eats 'til the cows come home.