Study Guide

The Canterbury Tales: the Man of Law's Tale Lines 841-875

By Chaucer, Geoffrey

Lines 841-875

Lines 841-861

  • Custance does some more praying about her belief that Christ died for humanity's sins. And since the Virgin Mary saw Christ die, Custance rationalizes that Mary's pain must have been a whole heckuva lot worse than anything she or anybody else can suffer.
  • Still, she's hoping that the Virgin Mary will have mercy on her child—and on everyone else who might be in distress.
  • She pleads with the Constable to let her kid stay with him.

Lines 862-875

  • Custance gazes back at the land, and says, "Farewell merciless husband!" We'll say.
  • She stands up, and walks down the shoreline toward the ship, with the crowd following behind her, comforting her child.
  • Blessing herself, she hops on board the ship, which has a ton of provisions and necessities. Hey, so at least she won't go hungry for a while.
  • Off she goes.