Study Guide

The Canterbury Tales: the Man of Law's Tale Lines 988-1029

By Chaucer, Geoffrey

Lines 988-1029

Lines 988-1001

  • King Alla is feeling pretty bad about everything that went down, so he decides to head to Rome to do penance.
  • He puts himself under the jurisdiction of the Pope, and asks Christ to forgive his wicked deeds.
  • Alla's messengers spread the news throughout Rome that he is coming there on pilgrimage.
  • The Senator rides out to meet him.

Lines 1002-1029

  • The Senator's super nice to King Alla when he arrives, and even throws him a feast.
  • At the feast, Alla meets Custance's son, but of course he doesn't know who it is.
  • He asks the Senator, whose kid is this?
  • The Senator's tells him that he knows the mother, but not the dad. He then tells Alla how he discovered the child, and how he came to be in his house.
  • In the process, he extols Custance's virtues. Of course.