Study Guide

Marcelo in the Real World What's Up With the Ending?

By Francisco X. Stork

What's Up With the Ending?

We'll tell you what up: it's one of the most squee-inducing endings in YA lit. Finally, the moment we've been waiting for:

Then she looks at me in a new way. It is a serious and tender look I've never seen before, and I want to rest my eyes in hers for as long as I can. Then she walks to where I stand, and she kisses me softly on my cheek. (31.84)

Which is, of course, adorable, but what's really important here is the last line:

And when she steps out, I hear or I remember, I can't tell which, the most beautiful of melodies. (31.85)

Jasmine brings back Marcelo's IM, which is to say, she brings him back to the truest essence of himself. By understanding him and listening to him, she gives him permission to stop suppressing the way his brain really works and to be fully himself in her presence. If that's not love, then we don't know what is.